Friday, 30 November 2012

Stop port package 3 Portugal

On strike for our brothers and sisters in Portugal.

You'll never walk alone!

We pulled off something really f*****g great here in Lisbon today. 

800 dockers from all over Europe and some 400 sympathizers marched through the narrow city streets. We made a lot of noise but acted with dignity and discipline when police provocators with masks and riot gear tried to instigate violence. There is no doubt that the Government and the employers were shaken.

First the politicians said there were no internationals present, but it was hard to deny when big delegations turned up with their flags all the way from northern Finland, through the giant ports of Antwerp, Le Havre, Fos, Valencia, Barcelona, Tenerife all the way to Cyprus and the Azores.

About todays manifestation in Lisbon,You guys are the symbol of the fighting against the Port Package 3 and must know that not only me, but many many European Dockers are behind you guys and are supporting every one of you!!Even if they can't be there with you all.But you must know if theres a need for further action you will not stand alone and the rest of the european dockers shall be next to your side.I hope that today at least from every european country a small or big group will be there to support you and it will,as i could read in several notes.Remenber we shall win this fight against any gouverment who tries to take our jobs,because there no profession who can stand so united as we!!We proved it in the past and will do this in the future!!I have only one word for U ''RESPECT'' and ''United We Stand Devided we Fall!!! Kind regards

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