Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alphaliner - TOP 30 Operated fleets as per 18 April 2013

Based on existing fleet and orderbook
TEU capacity available on board operated ships.
All figures are consolidated
The graph and figures shown in this section can be reproduced freely, provided that the source is mentioned (Alphaliner)
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Today, there are 5,921 ships active on liner trades, for 17,073,635 TEU and 218,667,850 TDW
Including 4,945 fully cellular ships for 16,608,824 TEU

The total existing cellular fleet (all sizes / all positions) stands at 4,950 ships for 16,611,175 TEU

Idle ships - See ad hoc reports
> The percentage shown on the left of each bar represents the operator's share of the world liner fleet in TEU terms.
> The light coloured bar on the right represents the current orderbook (firm orders).

   Existing fleet           
2Mediterranean Shg Co2,294,47513.4%
3CMA CGM Group1,413,649  8.3%
4COSCO Container L.734,987  4.3%
5Evergreen Line724,849  4.2%
6Hapag-Lloyd685,517  4.0%
7Hanjin Shipping620,290  3.6%
8APL597,809  3.5%
9CSCL596,581  3.5%
10MOL531,120  3.1%
11OOCL492,799  2.9%
12NYK Line412,431  2.4%
13Hamburg Süd Group410,297  2.4%
14Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.364,036  2.1%
15K Line358,424  2.1%
16Hyundai M.M.343,715  2.0%
17Zim335,728  2.0%
18PIL (Pacific Int. Line)308,867  1.8%
19CSAV Group259,102  1.5%
20UASC258,395  1.5%
21Wan Hai Lines160,132  0.9%
22HDS Lines86,320  0.5%
23X-Press Feeders Group72,626  0.4%
24NileDutch68,961  0.4%
25TS Lines67,711  0.4%
26SITC65,787  0.4%
27KMTC58,088  0.3%
28CCNI48,336  0.3%
29RCL (Regional Container L.)45,485  0.3%
30STX Pan Ocean (Container)44,303  0.3%

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