Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Death of 3 people on board of freighter Suntis in UK still a mystery. Absolute mystery.

The death of three people on board of German general cargo vessel Suntis in Goole port, UK, is still a mystery. BBC reported men were taken to hospital in the morning May 26, one died shortly after 07:00 BST and the other two died later. They were according to BBC, a 60-year-old German, a 33-year-old and a 38-year-old, both from the Philippines. BBC and other media news didn’t specify the men’s positions and ranks, one may assume they’re dockers (three workers died after becoming ill…), except for their nationalities. According to AIS, vessel arrived to Goole from Riga, Latvia, on May 24, passing Hull in the morning. According to media, vessel was berthed at West Dock on Bridge Street, loaded with timber. The deaths are absolute mystery, even the locations of the men in time they fell ill, and the circumstances. Did it happen in or near cargo holds, or did it happen in a superstructure? Assuming they were crew members, one of them, of German nationality, should be an officer, maybe a Master. Judging from all information available, deaths were not caused by violence. Carbon monoxide poisoning is mentioned, which means there could be fire and smoke contamination. Timing of the accident – early morning – points to fire/smoke as possible cause, too.
General cargo vessel Suntis, IMO 8513314, dwt 1815, built 1985, flag Germany, manager WARNECKE SCHIFFAHRT GBR.

Don't know if anyone has seen this - the small freighter Suntis passes Felixstowe every week or two to run up to Ipswich with timber, and 3 of her crew just died as she was unloading at Goole, on the Humber:

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