Monday, 29 September 2014

Hyundai Skybench innovation can increase container ship capacity

HHI's new Skybench concept

Hyundai Skybench innovation can increase container ship capacity

South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) presented a new design feature for container vessels at Hamburg’s SSM, increasing the box intake of large carriers.
The patented concept called “Skybench” can extend cargo capacity by 450 teu on a 23-row wide 19,000 teu ship and by 350 teu on a 20-row wide 14,000 teu vessel.
While applicable to any large twin-island container ship in principle, Hyundai proposed that the innovation could compensate for the capacity lost by gas-powered ships compared to heavy fuel oil (HFO-fuel) vessels, due to the large size of liquefied natural gas(LNG) tanks.
The design works by sliding the upper three decks of the accommodation block on a container ship, allowing for containers to be loaded and discharged from the otherwise unused space.
The mechanism takes ten minutes to operate, sliding the block from its normal position to a temporary port position, using four electric-driven train units.
Sliding can be minimised to a single port at each end of a rotation since extra containers can be grouped adequately when preparing a cargo plan.
There are potential safety benefits because in the case of an emergency, the sliding block is detachable and would continue to float if a vessel sunk.
The accommodation block rests on top of two side casings on a ship, which stretch the length of two 40 ft bays and where lifeboats, provision cranes and utility rooms are located.

Hyundai SkyBench(TM) Container Carrier

Published on 15 Sep 2014
SkyBench Container Carrier, Hyundai Heavy Industries' world first innovative desing for maximizing cargo capacity(cargo intake).

Hyundai SkyBench container carrier overcomes the limitations of space utilization by using mobile concept at accommodation section in 2-island type

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