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Blockade against the Oslo Port

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Blockade against the Oslo Port
26 May 2015 Written by Øyvind Ludt Print Email
The entrance to the terminal at Sjursøya blocked Tuesday. And action may be prolonged, according wharf workers.
The entrance to the terminal at Sjursøya blocked Tuesday. And action may be prolonged, according wharf workers.
Photo: Roar Langaard
Dock workers blocking the access for Tuesday Yilports terminal at Sjursøya because they denied collective agreement.
Wharf workers prevents entry and exit from Sjursøya Container Terminal Tuesday morning. Oslo Havn calling action illegal on its website, and contacted police.

The action happens because Yilport, which is the terminal operator at Sjursøya, not wanting to enter into a collective agreement with Norwegian Transport Workers' Federation (NTF) and dock workers who have been affiliated Oslo Discharge and Cargo Office (OLLK).
Already from February has NTF boycotted Yilport and action escalates therefore now up.
Yilport for its part does not deny that they want to modernize operations through more automation and that it should not hired workers from OLLK, but rather use the company's own employees and hired temporary workers.
- Well they have not killed me
During a lecture at the Logistics Day 2015 Sarpsborg last week presented the general manager in Yilport Oslo, Eryn Dinyovszky Yilports thoughts about the future. They contained including a strong focus on automation of port operations, and Dinyovszky neither did he deny that dockers are a challenge.

- One of the good things about the first few months is well that the union of port workers have taken life of me, said the American director.
Harbour Works and track membership in Oslo Jetty Workers Roar Langaard is in place on the dock, and says that this is not a short political selection.
- This is just the start. This is going to be prolonged. We are going to hold on until they realize what they have been doing, he says to
- We take action against Yilport because they will not enter into a collective agreement with us, he says.
OLLK bankruptcy
The action comes in light of OLLK last week filed for bankruptcy. NHO believes that the old collective agreement therefore no longer valid. It is wrong, says Langaard.
- The agreement concluded between Brygge Workers Association, Norwegian Transport Workers' Federation (NTF) and NHO and the bankruptcy have therefore nothing to say for the deal, saying Langaard.
He also dismisses the action is illegal.

- This is not any illegal action. Yilport were offered to meet us at the State Mediator, but they did not bother to meet up. When these are the funds we have available, he said.
Hired temporary staff
Taking the job at Yilport Nor has there been any alternative, believes Langaard.
- It's not fancy like some positions in Yilport. They use Adecco and hired people over a low shoes. And I do not think so many would like to be employed in Yilport, he said.
The operation was terminated at 13 o'clock.
- That's what the plan was, to hold on for three hours now the first time, says Langaard.


  1. Solidarity to my Oslo friends!! By Lataya Dailey

    Dock workers blocked Yilport
    Around 50 dockers and other campaigners hindered transport to and from Yilports terminals of the Port.
    Tell a friend Print
    Published 26/5/2015 at 13.43
    - We are tired of being trampled on by Yilport. We have been in conflict for two years and have tried all possibilities of finding a negotiated solution. It has not been successful. Therefore, we will present ourselves, says Deputy Tommy Torgersen in Oslo Jetty Workers Association (OBF) to Transportarbeideren.
    Deprived of access cards
    Last week was unloading and loading office in Oslo filed for bankruptcy of employers and dockers were revoked their access cards and ISPS approvals to the Port. It has got dockers in Oslo to see red.
    - Despite the fact that the Port will attempt to remove dockers by turning unloading and loading office bankrupt, so we still have loading and unloading work in the harbor to be done. It is absolutely horrible as the Port keeps on raging Torgersen.
    According to the collective agreement shall be unloading and loading office in the ports, and until another is in place, OBF asked operators in the port order directly from them. It has both Norsteve, Norlines and Toten Transport done while both Bring, Color Line, DFDS and Stena Line has used its own employees rather than dockers.
    When dockers from NTF worked here, there were never any problems. With Yilport there is complete chaos.Frode Larsen, truck driver
    From across the country
    Today's blockade was only announced via "word of mouth", but among the around 50 activists were four dockers from Tromso, four from Kristiansand, four from Fredrikstad and three from Ålesund. Besides attending other trade-union comrades from both NTF and other unions.
    The first blockade was completed on Sjursøya around ten o'clock, but when the trucks first started using the port by tomdepotet, moved some of the activists there to block also the port. The same was done when the trucks went from Sjursøya to Ormsund little further south. The result was that the three gates into Yilport their terminals were closed to traffic.
    - I am very pleased that we are so many, says Tommy Torgersen.
    Backed Campaign
    Part of the truckers were clearly annoyed that they did not do their job because of blockades, but dockers also received support.
    - The action has my full support, and I fully understand that they are blocking Yilport, says driver Frode Larsen running for Thage J. Sorensen.
    He has run the container terminals in Oslo in about six years.
    - When dockers from NTF worked here, there were never any problems. With Yilport there is complete chaos. Import and export containers are interchangeable, and there is no system of something, he sighs stated.
    More actions
    Oslo Port notified otherwise shortly on its website that it took an illegal blockade on Sjursøya and that the police were alerted and on their way.
    But when Transportarbeideren went from activists shortly after 12 o'clock, we had only seen a police car that drove past the blockade without intervening. Thus it seems that the blockade will continue throughout the day.
    - We'll stay here until we get jaga, says Tommy Torgersen.
    It excluded nor several actions throughout the week.
    - We urge all our supporters to meet up on OBF their office half past eight every morning throughout this week. So we'll see what we can find on the very so cryptic message from Vegard Holm Support Group for dock workers.

  2. Filling Yilport's inboxes with emails of support for Oslo Dockers is easy. It only takes a few minuets if others want to show some support. There are three emails below, why not send one to all of them Uttrykksikonet wink

    "All complaints and suggestions are highly valued; please share them with us.

    Corporate Communication & PR:"

    Here is the phone number as well
    (0090) 262 679 7600