Thursday, 31 December 2015

Heightening of STS cranes by ZPMC @ container terminal in Zeebrugge Belgium

Those cranes were delivered in 2010 by Zhen Hua 24

ZPMC Crane Upgrades and Services heightened 4 STS cranes with 4 meters including a rail span modification, preparations for a stacker platform, storm pin modifications and new access stairs at waterside.
All four cranes together in only eight weeks of time back into operations.

These cranes are on the new PSA Zeebrugge intl terminal (ZIP) CLOSED down this year and the cranes are suppose to be moving to Antwerp. As can be seen on video, it's opposite APM Zeebrugge terminal.

ZPMC is world largest heavy duty equipment manufacturer and market leader for the supply of port equipment, dominating the ship-to-shore and yard gantry container crane market.
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