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Felixstowe Community First Responders

  • Each year 300,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack. 
  • People who have a Cardiac Arrest have the potential to survive if basic life support and a shock from a Defibrillator is received soon enough
  • Every minute without basic life support reduces the chance of survival by between 7% and 10%

Felixstowe First Responders: Saving Lives in and around the Felixstowe area!

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Who are we?

We are a community based, voluntary group trained by the NHS and operating under the guidance of the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust. We are despatched by the Ambulance service in response to urgent 999 calls received from anywhere within about a 3.5 mile radius of Felixstowe. Currently we have 11 operational members. <More...>

Why are we needed?

An Ambulance is always despatched in response to a 999 call but as our community is relatively remote it can take some time for an Ambulance crew to arrive at an incident. In some cases - for example a heart attack leading to cardiac arrest - receiving prompt and appropriate medical care during the first few minutes can make the difference between the patient living or dying. Following a cardiac arrest, without treatment a patient's chance of survival decreases by 7-10% with each minute that passes. So minutes matter, and as Community First Responders live and work in the immediate area, we can arrive at an incident very quickly.<More...>

What do we do?

We are trained in resuscitation techniques by qualified NHS staff and carry a comprehensive range of approved medical equipment which includes oxygen and Automatic External Defibrilator (AED). An AED monitors a patient in cardiac arrest and if necessary can deliver a controlled electric shock to the heart, together with basic life support techniques - chest compressions and rescue breaths - this can dramatically improve the patients chances of survival during those vital minutes before the Ambulance arrives.  <More...>

Help us to help you

We are volunteers and our time is given freely. Although we are trained by the NHS we are not funded by them! The equipment that we carry has to be funded by the local scheme and an AED alone costs in the region of £1500! At present most of our equipment is borrowed and safety clothing has been bought by group members and is shared between us! You can help in two ways: Join us as an active member or fund raiser; or please make a donation to our funds. You can donate by cash or cheque! <More...> All donations will be kindly acknowledged on our web site unless you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you.

The next life we save could be yours!

We would like to thank everyone who had a go at winning ‪#‎ResponderTed‬over the weekend.
We have raised lots of money for the group we all worked very hard (Neil, Daniel, Linda and Mike)
A winner was picked after the fire works and I shall be calling them them tomorrow, so keep looking on our page about this as we hope to get a picture of the winner soon.
We would also like to thank the carnival committee for putting on a great weekend and Ea-CAT for helping with a space to park one of our cars; so we could respond to call outs, as well as running to our aid on more than one occasion to move cones and stop traffic so we could get out quickly.
Thanks again one and all. Please share this post so everyone who donated or had a go gets to know. We appreciate every penny raised and will use it to help the great people of Felixstowe.

So, the first ever post! So I guess it would be appropriate to introduce what the role of a Community First Responder (CFR) is!

We are volunteers who live or work in the local area, who dedicate some of our free time to be 'on call', ready to respond to certain life threatening calls in the local area.
In addition to this, we are a registered charity, and rely on donations for uniforms and equipment. Therefore, many of us get involved in fundraising activities for the group.

As part of the community, we also get involved in public awareness and recruitment campaigns for the East of England Ambulance Service.
For more information on what we do, and how to join, please visit the link below.

How can you become a community first responder (CFR) with us?

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