Monday, 27 February 2017

Maersk, Drawing stability into every delivery

Optimising Transpacific, Asia North Europe and Transatlantic networks
Over the last 100 years, Maersk Line has established itself as your trusted shipping partner to help get your products from origin to destination. You have relied on us not only to turn the promises you made into promises delivered but also to help you in propelling your business ambitions. Despite challenging times, we remain dedicated to serving all your shipping needs with stable, flexible, and direct services. In order to align our services with your business needs, we are Maersk, Drawing stability into every deliveryoptimising our Transpacific, Asia North Europe, and Transatlantic networks. The optimisation offers you best-in-class services with faster transit times, stable connections, and direct corridors to deliver your products where your customers demand it most.
Optimised Transpacific Network (Eastbound)
Laem Chabang, Kaohsiung and Xingang will now have direct coverage to Pacific South West.
We maintain our existing products to the Pacific North West – the gateway to Eastern Canada and U.S. inlands utilizing an extensive rail network.
Improved feeder product and transit times from Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia (to be finalised by mid-March 2017).
TP18 is now the dedicated US Gulf Service which will provide weekly direct service from China and South Korea into Houston and Mobile.
Our service through Panama now shortens transit time from South China into Savannah by eight (8) days, providing the fastest coverage into South Atlantic destinations.
Optimised Transpacific Network (Westbound)
We have gained coverage from the Pacific South West into North China (Xingang/Qingdao), Hong Kong and Laem Chabang.
Improved direct transit from Los Angeles/Long Beach and added coverage from Oakland into Kaohsiung.
There are now two (2) weekly direct calls into Japan.
We maintain stable coverage out of the Pacific North West with two weekly services
We provide superior overall coverage out of Baltimore and Miami.
We will continue to maintain direct coverage out of Wilmington.
We have the fastest products in the market for Newark – Singapore, US Gulf – Busan, South Atlantic (Charleston/Jacksonville) – Busan.
We have direct coverage out of the South Atlantic (Savannah/Charleston) to South China.
Optimised Asia-North Europe Network
Our stable and competitive services between Asia and Europe will remain.
Eastbound we have a reliable product from Hamburg and Le Havre to East China
Fast connection from Europe to Middle East markets
Westbound best-in-class transit times into Hamburg and Rotterdam from East China
Competitive Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven coverage
Optimised Transatlantic Network
We have enhanced our TA network with a new port of call in Wilmington, North Carolina and an additional call in Savannah, Georgia.
Our TA2 service is the ONLY direct connection from Bremerhaven, Felixstowe & Le Havre to Wilmington, North Carolina available in the market.
Services for our TA1 and TA3 remain unchanged.
You may refer to the following maps to view the new service rotations and reach out to your local Maersk Line representatives to learn more about the optimisations:
TP1 EastboundAE1 EastboundTA1 Eastbound
TP1 WestboundAE1 WestboundTA1 Westbound
TP2 EastboundAE2 EastboundTA2 Eastbound
TP2 WestboundAE2 WestboundTA2 Westbound
TP6 EastboundAE5 EastboundTA3 Eastbound
TP6 WestboundAE5 WestboundTA3 Westbound
TP7 EastboundAE6 Eastbound
TP7 WestboundAE6 Westbound
TP8 EastboundAE7 Eastbound
TP8 WestboundAE7 Westbound
TP9 EastboundAE10 Eastbound
TP9 WestboundAE10 Westbound
TP10 Eastbound
TP10 Westbound
TP11 Eastbound
TP11 Westbound
TP12 Eastbound
TP12 Westbound
TP16 Eastbound
TP16 Westbound
TP18 Eastbound
TP18 Westbound
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