Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Port of Felixstowe viewpoints by John Cooper

Port of Felixstowe viewpoints 

Apart from aerial views from drones or aircraft up to a great height, there are views of The Port of Felixstowe to be had from up to 8 miles as the crow flies from land, and as far or further when on the sea

There are many angles that photos can be taken from plus access points, perhaps the best photographic angle on a front elevation is from Harwich from Ha'penny Pier through to the low lighthouse, the Harwich Foot Ferry gives good views if you know how to stitch a series of photos together. Shotley Point presents some fine angled views too. There are further points along the Stour and Orwell rivers

This first series is of a panoramic nature, the narrower the picture the more photos have been stitched together the most distant one is from the sixth floor of the maternity block of Ipswich Hospital in poor visibility and through tinted windows 

   All the above photo credits to John Cooper

John Cooper


John Cooper from Kesgrave, Suffolk. Photos and Forums on Suffolk here 

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