Saturday, 21 April 2018

Gender pay gap at UK ports shows logistics 'no worse' than other sectors

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UK ports have released their gender pay gap details, and for some – Felixstowe and London Gateway – the differential between the wage levels of men and women has almost vanished, but there is still work required by many.
Hutchison’s Port of Felixstowe came out on top among UK container terminals, with the Suffolk gateway recording just a 2.5% (mean) and a 1% (median) gap between the genders.
Felixstowe also scored fairly well on the bonus front with male employees actually experiencing a median bonus pay gap of 2%.
However, despite a stronger showing on the equality front, very few of the ports employees are female – around 5% in total.
Managing director of HR Consulting at Spinnaker Karen Waltham told The Loadstar one thing that came out of the results was logistics appeared “no worse” than other industries.
“A lot of industries are in the same shape, despite having been ahead in terms of taking action on the issues,” said Ms Waltham.
“This means the logistics sector can take lessons and learn from what the others have done – it means it can keep up with others.”
At the other end of the table to Felixstowe was Peel Ports’ Liverpool Port, which reported a mean and median gender pay gap of 20% and 25.5%, respectively.............More information

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