Monday, 2 April 2018

I am a former cohabitant of a stevedore

I am a former cohabitant of a stevedore,
I spent 13 years living with one of them, and I can not remain silent before the harassment and demolition that this group of workers is suffering in recent days.

Let it be clear that for years now and now I am not united by anything other than cordiality, I do not have children, nor any affective and / or economic bond that I can benefit from and encourages me to put this comment.

I am writing this publication because of the indignation of seeing how this society believes everything that the government and / or the media say.

I was a stevedore couple and I had a life of "luxuries" ... as long as it is called luxuries to have worked in shit jobs to bring another salary home, to have a second-hand apartment with a 30-year mortgage, to be able to have a Peugeot, to be able to go out to dinner once in a while and to have a trip not very splendid of a week to the year.

I am not going to say that we have had shortcomings because I would lie, but in no case have I had that life of obsession and abundance that during these days the media trumpet. I have had the life that any Spanish worker on foot should have, a decent salary to be able to live, a salary that as I have commented allows you to have a peace of mind, but it is far from a life of luxury and opulence.

The media do not say that in order to get that decent salary, they have to make schedules that do not allow them to have stable routines, with the loss of quality of life that entails, the uncertainty regarding those hours, the piecework, the danger of working with heavy goods ... this means completely bypasses it.

They talk about the good life the stevedores are stuck with ... I've seen my ex-partner crying because they fell down a thousand tons a short distance away from him and could have been underneath, I've seen him arrive absolutely full of fat up and down, I've seen him arrive with almost hypothermia because of the cold that has happened many nights, I have seen it arrive and return in the bathroom dizzy from the heat and the laps of loading cars on the boat without stopping, I have seen it come full of water not to stop work under the storm, I've seen him arrive with back pains for being hours carrying the crane in tension because the boat had to leave on time ... but of this, the media does not even say a single word.

I hope that in this country all workers love and fight for our work as this group does, because if that were the case, there would be more decent salaries, less envy and therefore less option for manipulation by the government and the media. But no ... we live in a country of envious, in which if I do not have, you should not have either!

Maybe instead of criticizing this group so much we should take an example !!

To all my friends and well-known stevedores, many souls! Do not stop believing and fighting for your profession, do it as you have always done!
And remember ... "Not a step back"

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