Monday, 16 April 2018

Ultra large Majestic Maersk swings to starboard for Felixstowe Berth 9. 10th April 2018

 Credit: Andrew McAlpine

Published on 13 Apr 2018


Visability still not brilliant, the ultra large Majestic Maersk arrives from Bremerhaven to Felixstowe with a maximum draught of 12.9 metres. The pilot boards the Majestic Maersk at the Sunk Pilot Station and requests two Svitzer tugs for berthing. The first tug centre lead aft to meet at the usual place 7&8 Buoys and the second outside the harbour on the starboard quarter then to push up for a starboard swing off the berth to go portside to Felixstowe Berth 9. Svitzer Kent is the first tug to meet the Majestic Maersk and makes fast centre lead aft. Shortly after the Svitzer Shotley also leaves the harbour and positions on the starboard quarter as a backup for the 90 degree Beach End turn into the harbour.

Safely around the Beach End, Kent is used as a brake to slow the ship down ready for the starboard swing. The pilot gets the Shotley to square up and increase power, Kent moves out on the port quarter to swing the stern around. The pilot uses bow thrusters to swing the bow around. All Swung the pilot carefully edges the Majestic Maersk towards the berth. Kent runs out of space on the portside so they move on to the starboard side into a check position. Final tie up 6 and 2 each end with springs first.

Ultra large Talos departs Felixstowe with the assistance of two 3212 Svitzer tugs bound for Southampton. As the ship was heavily laden the pilot required a powered indirect around the 90 degree Beach End turn out of the harbour. Svitzer Deben shows a perfect maneoeure helping to ensure that the Talos steered around the corner.

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