Thursday, 31 May 2018

Port Of Felixstowe Landguard Point Late This Afternoon

Sailor Dies of Suspected Electrocution Aboard Ship

On May 26, a sailor died of suspected electrocution onboard a container vessel when it was docked in Dubai.

What happened?

The Dubai Police have initiated an investigation to look into the death of an Indian sailor who died of suspected electrocution onboard a cargo ship.
The marine engineer identified as 31 year old, Himanshu Sanghvi from Mumbai, India was working onboard the container ship ‘MSC Samantha’ during the time of electrocution. He was electrocuted while trying to fix an electric bulb.

Investigation launched

Lt Col Saeed Al Madhani, deputy director of Port Police Station, was alerted about an incident of death in a ship on Saturday and they suspected it was due to electrical shock.
He said, “An Indian sailor passed away and we are investigating the case. We are checking the electric circuit in the ship as we suspect electric shock being the reason of death. We are also waiting for the forensic report before handing over the body to his family”.
His wife and parents have been informed by the company about his death due to electrocution.

Indian embassy offers support

A relative of the deceased has sought the help of Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and the Indian Consulate in Dubai then offered to support the family.
They issued a statement, “We’ve spoken to the local police authorities as well as his friends, colleagues and relatives. We’ll extend all assistance. The forensic and investigation formalities are expected to take at least a few days. We’ll continue to follow up”.
When contacted, the mission said it would provide assistance to repatriate the body of Himanshu once the legal formalities by the local authorities are over.
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Source: Gulf News

Straddle carrier pops against crane in Antwerp harbor

For the third time in a few weeks an accident with a 'straddle carrier' happened in the port of Antwerp. Straddle carriers are used to move containers. This time, a driver chose the wrong way at quay 1700 and found himself on the track of a gantry crane. The straddle carrier, which is up to 13 meters high, hit the bottom of the crane. The driver was not injured.

In the past few weeks, two straddle carriers had already been overturned when they wanted to take a turn on a container quay.

Employer organization CEPA is barely able to follow the demand from port companies for additional dockers for driving straddle carriers.

Ultra large Cosco Denmark departs Felixstowe's Trinity Terminal with two Svitzer tugs. 30th May 2018

Photo credit Robin Pridmore

Published on 30 May 2018

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Felixstowe orders eight electrified ARMGs

The units will support additional yard capacity

The Port of Felixstowe has ordered eight automated rubber-tyred gantry (ARMG) cranes, which will come into commercial operation during the first quarter of 2019.
The electrified units will be manufactured by ZPMC with drive, control and automation systems from Siemens.
Simulation, virtual commissioning and remote control operator stations (RCOS) are integral parts of the order, noted the German company.
According to the drive manufacturer, virtual commissioning will ensure a fast go-live at the port, which is the largest in the UK.
Rink Groenveld, head of Siemens Cranes Projecthouse, said: “Using digital twins of the cranes enables various simulations, allowing for flexibility and providing us the ability to test our automation systems against a virtual crane and simulated environment and create all sorts of work-through scenarios.
“Implementation of automation modules allowing for collision prevention and automated stacking, integrated safety solutions and Remote Control will lead to safe, productive and consistent operations in the container terminal.”
The ARTGs purchased will support the additional yard capacity that the port is creating, while it extends berths eight and nine.
The Port of Felixstowe decided to electrify the RTGs in order to reduce its ecological footprint and gradually introduce automation in the yard to improve safety and competitiveness.
The new cranes will be taken in operation on the new blocks under development, which allows the terminal to continue its commercial operations as usual.

Siemens to automate RTGs at Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe has ordered eight new RTGs with automation and remote control technology from Siemens.
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The order marks an important step for Hutchison Ports, which owns and operates the Port of Felixstowe in the UK, as it rolls out automation and remote control systems on STS cranes and RTGs at a growing number of terminals around the world. Last month Felixstowe received its first two remote controlled STS cranes (ZPMC).

The new RTGs will also be built by ZPMC, with Siemens drive, control and automation systems. Siemens is also supplying “simulation, virtual commissioning” and the Remote Control Operator Stations (RCOS), plus all engineering and on-site commissioning. Siemens confirmed to WorldCargo News that the cranes will be powered by a conductor rail. Felixstowe has converted some of its existing RTG fleet to eRTGs using Vahle conductor rails.

Felixstowe is planning to introduce automation in its RTG yard.
Felixstowe is planning to introduce automation in its RTG yard.

“Port of Felixstowe is currently extending their berths 8&9 and yard capacity. The ARTGs purchased will support the additional yard capacity required. Port of Felixstowe decided in order to reduce their ecological footprint to electrify the RTG-cranes and gradually introduce automation in the yard to improve safety and competitiveness. The new cranes will be taken in operation on the new blocks under development, which allows the terminal to continue its commercial operations as usual,” Siemens said in a statement.

Siemens has been promoting the concept of using “digital twins” to simulate and test crane systems prior to delivery, to reduce commissioning time on site. This will be used at Felixstowe, plans to put the automated RTGs into operation in the first quarter of 2019, a very aggressive target.

“Using digital twins of the cranes enables various simulations, allowing for flexibility and providing us the ability to test our automation systems against a virtual crane and simulated environment and create all sorts of work-through scenarios,” said Rink Groenveld, Head of Siemens Cranes Projecthouse. “Implementation of automation modules allowing for collision prevention and automated stacking, integrated safety solutions and Remote Control will lead to safe, productive and consistent operations in the container terminal. These unique features helped Siemens to be chosen as the preferred electrical and automation partner for this important terminal.”

Powered indirects from Svitzer Deben and Svitzer Kent in the Harwich Haven. May 2018

Thew Arnott reminded of obligations by HSE after refusing to grant visiting driver access to a toilet

June Higgins, a driver for Knowsley-based container haulier JMD, was forced to go to the toilet in a bucket in her cab after Cheshire food ingredient firm Thew Arnott ignored her pleas to use the firm’s toilet facilities while she was delivering goods to the company over three hours.
The campaign was launched in November last year, after the HSE updated its regulations, making clear that companies must, rather than should, provide adequate welfare facilities for visiting drivers.
In an email to Higgins, HSE concerns and advice team member Wendy Offley said: “I can confirm that the HSE has been in touch with the company and reminded it of its health and safety responsibilities in relation to the areas of concern you raised.
“There is now a system in place for delivery drivers to be able to use the welfare facilities at the Thew Arnott site.
“Your concern has been recorded on the HSE’s record for the company, and will be used as intelligence when planning future interaction with the company.”
Higgins welcomed the HSE’s action. She told CM: “I was there for three hours and although the warehouse staff were very polite they said it was a management policy, and that they didn’t dare let me use the staff toilets.
“At first I felt embarrassed at having to even ask, then when I was refused I felt humiliated and quite annoyed – although not with the warehouse staff as they were being sympathetic and it was out of their control. There was nothing else for it. I had to go back to my cab, draw the curtains and use a bucket to pee in.”
She added: “Being treated in this way is degrading and unacceptable in this day and age, and what is annoying is that we are in the right. It is these companies that are contravening health and safety regulations.”
A spokesman for Thew Arnott told CM: “We are a 150-year-old family firm with the highest standards of service. 
“We were not aware of the changes to HSE regulations on the provision of toilet facilities for visiting drivers.
“Now we have been made aware of those changes, we have immediately made full toilet facilities available for drivers delivering to site.”


Your HGV drivers' rights to gaining toilet access when delivering to third-party sites

COSCO DENMARK - a rare sighting of a cosco at felixstowe 29/5/18

Photo credit Robin Pridmore

   Published on 29 May 2018


On a misty and breezy tuesday morning the 366m length cosco denmark arrives at harwich harbour on her approach to the port of felixstowe.With svitzers sky and deben assisting she heads for trinity7.

Published on 29 May 2018
on a misty and very breezy tuesday morning the 95m length olympic intervention IV arrives at harwich harbour on her way to berth at the port of harwich.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Remembering David Smith. We hope people who love David will find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.

Rebecca Taylor 
David Smith's funeral has been organised for the 18th June, followed by light refreshments and a wake in the evening. 
I have created a private event on facebook, so that we can gauge numbers attending. I would very much appreciate if anyone who plans to attend may message me or comment on this post to be added to the event. Please also share this post to anyone who may not have seen it. 
Many thanks, Rebecca

As some of u may know....rob is some what of a plane spotter....and he has been watching David's flight all the way home from havana he flew virgin's tinkerbell....that would have made him laugh.....and the lovely Mr Smith has just landed...welcome home...we all love u x

R.I.P Dave ( Smithy ) Smith Port Of Felixstowe Crane Co-Ordinater

Andy M Smith to 


Today we received the tragic news that Port Worker Dave Smith lost his life whilst on holiday in Cuba. 

A hugely respected / fun bloke around the town and the Docks

Always up for a laugh and many many holidays that he worked so hard for.

The Port has lost many old characters over the years and just never seem to get replaced !!!! Dave was one these in the making that has been taken away very prematurely

Sincere condolence's to all his family and friends.

Michael Rogers published condolence .
R.I.P Smithy - one of the few people that could make me smile on a night shift. The port has lost a very colourful character
Allan Shantz published condolence .
A truly genuine person. I will miss you dearly my friend.
John Adams published condolence .
I just can’t believe such a nice unique guy could lose his life like this ! Will really miss you Dave RIP
Barrie Young published condolence .
A gentleman and a scholar RIP Dave
Holly Brackenridge published condolence .
Our family met Smitty in Cuba in 2014.. we instantly fell in love with his crazy wardrobe and accent.. we spent a lot of the week with him and at end of our trip he sent my hubby home to Ontario with one of his "shite shirts.. Smitty you were one of a kind and will never be forgotten..
Kerry Berdan published condolence .
I only got to know you for a short time but forever a friend you will be and missed dearly xoxoxo
Amanda published condolence .
Terribly saddened by this news. You were one of my favourites from the pub many years ago. Always kind ❤️ Rest in peace Smiffy xxx 
Relphy published condolence .
So so sad. R.I.P Smiffy
Tom Henderson published condolence .
Had the pleasure of working with Dave sometimes on his shift, a sad and sudden loss, RIP Dave!
Mr & Mrs Folley published condolence .
We are totally devastated by the news of your passing, no more it’s just a pint , no more jokes about how short I am and there is and never will be anyone like you, true legend gone too soon miss you a bit chap
Sam published condolence .
A lovely man RIP
Tony Gardner published condolence .
Total shock lost a true gent and legend rest in peace my friend
David Braithwaite published condolence .
Terrible news. A nice fellow. Will be missed by many. RIP Dave
Debbie published condolence .
Back in the days we all was so close and remained friends, such sad news gone way too soon, you will be truly missed by so many may you r.i.p xxx
Claire. published condolence .
I'm numb and in total shock at your tragic passing. God bless Dave and rest peacefully. Xxx
Neil (Bloomers) published condolence .
A legend in your own right, good friend and colleague, gonna miss the banter over the card table, but not your smell cause you stank, lol. R. I. P. Buddy. Totally gutted, thoughts and best wishes go out to your family and close friends.
Donna Davidson published condolence .
Dave, I only met you a few times. But you always had a smile on your face and made me laugh. Was so lovely of you to invite me to your birthday drinks at the Owl. You will definitely be missed by so many people, and also by me. I can't believe you are gone we were only talking about your holiday the other month. Such a terrible loss. Rest in peace my friend xxx
Elizabeth Craig published condolence .
From your Canadian friends in Edson, so much fun quading and fires . Muddy feet and a few to many of those sociables, you will be missed and remembered here in Canada for sure ! Best regards to the family ! A great man !
Joanne N Stuart published condolence .
Smiffy you were an absolute Legend, everyone loved you for the wonderful person you were. You will be sadly missed our Dear Friend. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. R.I.P Our Dear Friend Love Ya Forever xx
Rupert Davenport published condolence .
Rebecca Taylor published condolence .

Rebecca Taylor published comment .
This photo just sums David up to a tee! Fond memories recently of sitting and laughing in his mum (my Nana's) front room, he would always make the funniest sarcastic comments!
Emma Bertamini published condolence .
I am at a loss for words my heart is just breaking. David was so much fun always up for a laugh, he was kind and will be so dearly missed. He was doing what he loved to do with people that he loved. May he RIP XXX So 
Rebecca Saynor published condolence .
Sarah published condolence .
Utterly heartbreaking news. You was the happiest of happy. Was a real pleasure to know you all the years I did and to cut and colour your hair too. You always lived life to the fullest, enjoying your holidays and having a Stella. RIP Dave. You will be sadly missed by many ❤️❤️❤️ 
Carl Clarke published condolence .
I never thought i would miss the stfu carl pics but miss them already, a true friend who could out scheme the best but we all still loved him. A sad sad loss but least you went on holiday mate where you loved to be. Miss you already mate and my heart goes out to your family . RIP Simthy my friend
Rebecca Taylor published condolence .
An amazing Uncle, you will be so so missed. Gone too soon, but you'll never be forgotten. Have a pint on me up there! Xxx