Wednesday, 23 May 2018

OOCL Indonesia arrives to the Port of Felixstowe, planned portside to Berth 8 21st May 2018

Pic credit Paul Hiiett

The OOCL Indonesia approaches the Sunk Pilot Station roughly 12 miles out in the North Sea so a pilot could board for the inward passage into Felixstowe. Felixstowe Berth 8, occupied by the Ever Golden, was preparing to depart for her next port of Zeebrugge. With three Svitzer tugs made fast and working together the Ever Golden was clear of the berth and about to proceed. Pilot onboard the OOCL Indonesia radios Harwich VTS to find out the situation with the Ever Golden. Once the pilot knew that the Ever Golden was off the berth he begins to head inbound via the deep water channel. Both pilots agree a suitable place to pass each other but to throw in the mix, the ferry Stena Hollandica also inbound for Parkeston 2, would be passing the OOCL Indonesia at somepoint then darting in the North Channel to let the Ever golden proceed in the deep water channel then pass the OOCL near the South Shipwash. OOCL Indonesia making their way inbound, the pilot onboard radios Harwich VTS to say they would like three tugs for berthing, 2 outside and one inside. The pilot continues with how he intend to use the tugs. The first tug to meet at 7&8 make fast centre lead aft ready for powered indirect, the second tug to push on the starboard quarter initially then move around to the portside and the third tug bow to bow. The pilot finally said he anticipated that he will be swinging to port off the Guard Buoy. Svitzer Deben which had been released from aft on the last job, was outside the harbour waiting for the OOCL Indonesia to get closer before trekking out to 7&8 to where they were going to make fast centre lead. Svitzer Sky also waits around the entrance to the harbour to before making their approach for the starboard quarter...

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