Saturday, 26 May 2018


Today in London, Trade Union Health and Safety representatives from all of the UK’s major ports met in London to discuss collective issues of health and safety. The meeting was addressed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the UK Health and Safety inspectorate, and Port Skills and Safety Limited (PSS), the UK port employer’s safety organisation. 

Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives held discussions around areas of collective concern, and the solutions which can be jointly developed. It is recognised that all the trade unions representing port workers and port employers must work together to make our workplaces as safe as they can be, ensuring that every worker arrives home as safe and healthy as they did when they arrived at work. Ports are dangerous environments, and it is only through our collective efforts that can we hope to make these safe.

It is therefore of great concern that we learn that the Swedish Employers Organisation is preventing the participation of trade union health and safety officials in workplace health and safety activity, refusing them the time and opportunity to keep their workplaces safe, and their work colleagues safe from serious injury and death.

The health and safety of workers must never be used as a political tool by employers to exert influence and pressure on their workers. We firmly condemn the actions of the Swedish Employers organisation in their attacks upon the safety of workers.

We call upon all health and safety representatives from across the world to condemn the actions of the Swedish Employers Organisation, and demand that all health and safety representatives be supported in the workplace, and so protect the lives of workers in Sweden’s ports.

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