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What to do when a terminal worker decides that you did something wrong and now he wants to teach a lesson by making you wait or void your ticket....???

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Port news May 15, 2018
What to do when a terminal worker decides that you did something wrong and now he wants to teach a lesson by making you wait or void your ticket....???
Unfortunately the lack of communication between drivers and terminal workers creates some times frustration that all the time ends in the driver being void out or end up waiting for long time for service, and is nothing we can't do because we have no representation to help us Express ourselves.

All we can said to the terminal workers is that you guys have a power that needs to be use properly, and before you use it, understand that we wake up every morning to come here to work and provide for our families and not to pick up fights with anyone.
This is a very stressful job and we all have our bad moments, but when you have the power to star messing with other person livelihood you need to be really sure that you don't abuse it, and sometimes is best just to let go.
Remember that some else can have the power to do the same to you.
Please pass this message to the Hyster operator in machine 7 a global terminal.

Ron Signorino Gentle and respectful communications between commercial vehicle operators and marine terminal workers would be a great start. Being persistently nice, no matter how nasty the other guy gets, has a way of making that other guy understand that there's no percentage in being an asshole. It goes both ways, of course, but somewhere along the line the two groups of workers need to understand that it's in their mutual benefit to treat each other with the respect and dignity that's so well deserved by all working men and women. A good beginning for commercial vehicle operators, would be to strictly observe marine terminal traffic rules. Coming to a full stop at stop signs & stop bars, and staying below the posted/established speed limits would go a long way in convincing marine terminal workers that you care about their safety (and your own). Over the last thirty years, three quarters of the fatal accidents occurring at U.S. marine terminals have been vehicular in nature. Over that same period, one quarter of those killed in those accidents were commercial vehicle operators. Care for each other..... it's in your best interest!

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Ron Signorino  

Carl A Chiofolo Jr I’m glad that you guys put them this all on here for us to see! Kicking ass, punching people! What’s wrong! I’m on the other end of the phone EVERYDAY and treat you guys with respect and go above and beyond to help you. I realize you have a tough job but you should have kicked the Ass of the first driver who undercut your price 20 years ago! That’s the real enemy, your fellow driver! A double move to NY was $1700 20 years ago and in NJ it was $1200-$1500,When the first truck driver came in and said he would do it for less money you should’ve punched him in the face! You kept under cutting each other in under cutting each other and under cutting each other and now you make pennies for doing a job that used to be well paid don’t get mad at me because I didn’t do that to you you did it to yourselves!

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