Sunday, 6 May 2018

Why Liverpool is ready to grow

Jouke Schaap, Port Director, Containers at the Port of Liverpool discusses the progress of Liverpool2 and its services, including the growth of feeder volumes and direct shipping calls to the port… 
The launch of Liverpool2 in 2016 has revolutionised operations at the Port of Liverpool thanks to the increased capacity and capabilities of the Port.
We’ve seen productivity steadily grow and are now in the valuable position where we can offer customers a reliable service at the robust productivity levels required to handle the industry’s biggest and most complex vessels.
We’re currently running one weekly service as well as ad-hoc vessel calls, but our increased serviceability has allowed us to progress with plans to introduce the Port of Liverpool into the rotation of existing services from major shipping lines.
Underpinning this vision is extensive research carried out by renowned industry analysts. The route deviation for vessels arriving into the Port of Liverpool is significantly outweighed by the savings in lead times and costs made when transporting cargo from Liverpool to destinations across the country.
With a catchment area of 40% of all UK cargo and a strong cargo concentration in close vicinity of the port, Liverpool offers a unique opportunity to global shipping lines and shippers alike. Our network of well-developed road, canal and rail connections facilitate full service, flexible end-to-end solutions that reduce costs, congestion and carbon emissions in our customers’ supply chains.
The launch of Liverpool2 has also allowed us to welcome a strong increase in feeder volumes, leading to strong, double-digit growth figures. Having significant feeder volumes is a stepping-stone for shipping lines to introduce direct services, and we expect to see a number of new services calling upon Liverpool2 over the coming months. 
This is supported by the fulfilment of our target of securing 200 advocates for the Cargo200 campaign encouraging shipping lines to introduce direct deep-sea services to the Port of Liverpool.
And as one of Europe's most advanced container terminals, we’re ready to grow. Liverpool2 is currently operating at an impressive 25 container moves per hour – often higher – made possible by the cutting-edge equipment and port infrastructure in operation. 
This is critical to shipping lines and their customers, ensuring quick, reliable turnaround times. Given pressures on supply chain costs, such efficiency has never been more important.
For more information on our new container rail service click HERE.

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