Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Man dies in an accident at Waaslandhaven, colleague gets badly injured

In the Waasland harbor, at quay 1700, a fatal industrial accident took place tonight. The circumstances of the accident are still unclear. A worker would have died in a crane. A colleague of his was seriously injured on the arm.
The victim was an employee of DP World, working at Antwerp Gateway. The accident would have happened on an automatic stacking crane, a 25 meter high crane with which containers are moved.

"He was killed as a result of a tragic incident at the terminal," says spokesperson for DP World Kris Thieren. "Our immediate focus is on the loss of our employee and providing the necessary support to his close colleagues", it sounds.

The operations at the terminal have been shut down completely. The public prosecutor's office investigates the correct circumstances of the accident.

R.I.P fellow docker. We all hate automation with a passion but lets respect our fellow workers family and friends until the relevant people find out how this tragic accident happened 

Advice coming to us from friends in Europe last night, indicates that a very serious accident occurred sometime yesterday at Antwerp port. We mourn its result.
In that accident, two mechanics are said to have been engaged in the repair of an automatic stacking crane. Direct power to the crane had been turned off, and the workers were manually manipulating the lifting appliance's braking system in order to lower a container that was suspended on the spreader.
In that process, a brake disc shattered (with explosive effect according to some) and pieces of the disc were propelled with lethal force. One of the workers were killed; the other lost an arm. 
We await further information coming from friends and media sources, but in the intervening period of time can't help but wonder about the controlled/safe discharge of residual energy.
At this point in time, we don't know the identity or operator of this particular marine terminal. That information will certainly be posted to this page. The photograph below depicts automatic stacking cranes located at the Antwerp port DP World facility.
Ron Signorino to Longshore Safety- Facebook

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