Wednesday, 13 June 2018

NGEN Issues At The Port Of Felixstowe Update



We regret that some of our customers are experiencing delays at the Port of Felixstowe as we fine-tune our new port wide operating system, which integrates all vessel, haulage and rail operations. We have seen improvements in the last 24 hours to both quay side productivity and land side turn around times. As a result, we are continuing to handle near-normal levels of road vehicles per day at the port, although at a slower rate than our usual high standards.

We expect further improvement will be made in the coming days as our dedicated staff work tirelessly round the clock supported by a team of experts from our Head Office. We are confident that any short term glitches will be resolved and that operations will soon return to normal.

We have had great cooperation and support from our customers and port users who realise that this is an important system change that will deliver long term benefits for all users of the port, and this is greatly appreciated.

We thank our customers for their understanding and patience and would like to apologise to any customers or port users who experienced delays.

14 June 2018


nGen is our own modular terminal-management platform, which controls and optimises all port operations including ship and yard planning, gate operations, vessel operations and interactions, yard configuration and performance, overall operations monitoring, equipment utilisation, productivity and cost optimisation.
nGen, built by Hutchison Ports, surpasses any commercially available terminal-management system. It is truly scalable across all non-proprietary computer system hardware, from a small feeder terminal operation to large hub ports.
nGen is currently managing over 50% of our throughput.

Grateful for your offer of help. I think the key points we are trying to get across is that the system is in and working but that there are teething problems. The ramp-up in performance was always going to be gradual as people get used to the new system and as initial glitches are ironed-out. Everyone in the port is working hard to improve the situation as quickly as possible but I suspect some are not being thanked by everyone (though I hope their managers are; it’s easy to forget when under pressure).

It’s little comfort to those drivers suffering long delays but difficult to correct the perception that everyone is suffering the same delays. Facts you didn’t get from me: average vehicle turnarounds have increased from 30-40 minutes to over an hour, around 68 minutes. Not great, but not ‘massive’ delays for everyone and not some of the other descriptions being used either! 85% are done in less than 3 hours though a small proportion have seen longer delays. It’s not a great situation but it is improving and the very long delays are the exception though and not the norm.

This is from a contact that I have at the Port

Not my opinion - but these are the facts. Don't shoot the messenger as they say !!!!!!! As I am just trying keep people up to date with what is going on

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