Friday, 29 June 2018

There Are Some Very Good Truckers Out On The Road

I know the lorry drivers often get a bad press but thought I would just give the one I encountered yesterday a big thumbs up and Thank you! Bartrums Haulage driver yesterday about 5.15 at the smaller Tesco roundabout just before Copdock Mill - my 17 year old learner driver daughter was negotiating this roundabout Felixstowe bound from London Road for the first time, 3 cars in the right hand lane had already zipped on to the roundabout while she was waiting for a suitable gap but the Bartrums Haulage driver hung back in the right hand lane, allowing us full sight of traffic coming round and giving her the time to only enter the roundabout when she felt it was safe for her to do so, he then simultaneously pulled onto the roundabout which served to slow down the faster drivers coming around the roundabout towards Pinewood. It wasn't until just after that I appreciated what he had actually done - Thank you!

‎Tanya Anderson‎ to Felixstowe - The Residents' Page

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