Monday, 9 July 2018

Are you a manager or a gang ?? !!! ..

Posting this on behalf of Svein Lundeng who supports dockers around the globe

The Court of First Instance in Tangier ruled in a normal criminal case in its judgment issued on 29/06/2018 by Mr.( Soufiane N), Mr. (Hisham T) and Mr.( Ahmed. H) after the complaint submitted by Mr.( Abdul Jalil.M) And Mr. (Mohamed Assid.H) against the defendants with three months suspended prison implementation and 500 dirhams with the guarantors in solidarity and forced in the lowest, and in the civil lawsuit of the following: the defendants sentenced to perform the complainant’s compensation for the damage of 50,00€ dirhams with the left and forced at the maximum.

Noting with regret and regret these unjust and heavy sentences imposed by the initial Tangier against the Brotherhood victims of this malicious plot, and after reviewing the records of the judicial control and the denial of our brothers expelled all the charges attributed to them and the complaints filed by the complainants empty in terms of evidence and witnesses... and what is surprising is that the second complainant (Assid.H) was not present at the alleged scene and the case is based on the statements of his colleague and companion. The trial stages of six hearings were not brought before the court to be heard by the Commission In the file and be limited only to the defense.

And these unfair and unfair judgments ruled by the initial Tangier.., how can it be reasonable to rule Tangier primary heavy sentences based on suspicion and without evidence , While the observation camera at the refueling station Total near the residence complained (Soufian.N), which demanded the complainant before the judicial police for reference, and that the fuel station known delegations of large numbers of visitors in the evening, which was not observed Anyone who is interested in and pays tribute to the first complainant Abdul Jalil M) of the charges for his victims.

The movements of expelled workers have greatly disturbed APM terminals Tangier's social relations at all levels. As a result, Asid Houban and his deputy Abdul Jalil Al-Millani were forced to resort to fabricating this malicious manipulation of their hands and dissuading them from continuing their legitimate struggle and forcing them to give up their humanitarian cause, And harness them all their efforts to create a lifeline to legitimize their social decisions and injustice, which exceeded all expectations in which they invested all their energies and possibilities to tighten them and force them to accept half solutions. This malicious plot of Abdul Jalil Al-Millani who used his contacts and meeting And to change the direction of the conflict from a human issue to the unjust provisions of the victimization of workers who were expelled by plotting and clinging to the enemies of the working class ...

What is left behind by conscious demands ...

>> And we return in detail in this subject .....

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