Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Light draughted Murcia Maersk departs Felixstowe Berth 9 for her next port of Bremerhaven

Published on Jul 18, 2018

After discharging cargo from the Far East, the Murcia Maersk prepares to depart Felixstowe Berth 9. The skilled Harwich Haven pilot boards the ship from the shore side. As the last crane booms up the pilot radios Harwich VTS with the details of draught, next port and tugs required. With a draught of 10.55 metres for Bremerhaven and would like two Svitzer tugs for departure. Svitzer Kent and Svitzer Shotley both make their way to berth 9 where the pilot gets them to take the centre leads fore and aft but wanted the bigger 3212 Svitzer Kent aft and the smaller 2411 Svitzer Shotley forward. The tugs were made fast before the crew began to single up fore and aft. Spring were the last lines to be released.

The pilot began with an easy pull with both tugs away from the quay steadily increasin power. After a little while the pilot drops the power of the Kent so the Shotley could bring the bow into the channel. Bow responding to the Shotley, the pilot kicks ahead on one engine before getting the Kent to drop in astern. Once the Kent is right astern the pilot comes ahead on both engines. Shotley eases and comes in to let go from forward. Once released they peel off onto the Harwich side and makes their way around to the port quarter for the 90° Beach End turn out of the harbour. As Shotley comes around the stern, the pilot gets the Kent to move out onto starboard side at full line load for a powered indirect.

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