Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Over the last few weeks the performance of our new terminal operating system has been stable, as we continue to fine tune the system to optimise its effectiveness and deliver improved performance across all areas of our operation. 

The total volume handled across the quay last week was 74,000 TEU which is consistent with the previous week. However, this is lower than our expectation and we are focusing our efforts on initiatives that will allow this to increase and improve.

We handled 11,700 rail containers last week, with a further 4% increase in the number of import containers loaded to outbound trains than the previous week. Rail misses are declining.

We have already introduced a number of system upgrades which stabilise and improve our productivity in the last few weeks. However, there are a number of focused upgrades to be delivered in the coming two weeks which will further enhance and improve productivity of the yard, thereby improving the loading of containers and continue to improve overall productivity across our shipside and landside operations. We expect these important upgrades to bring our productivity to levels before the implementation of the new system.  

The ongoing support of our customers during this difficult period has been greatly appreciated and we apologise for any delays or inconvenience suffered. We are aware that temporary vessel diversions to other ports are causing issues and we are in discussion with shipping line customers for the return of services to Felixstowe as soon as possible. At the same time we are maintaining our focus on productivity improvements to ensure that all customers receive the level of service they deserve.

07 August 2018

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  1. Well you carry on. We will continue to take your trade. More overtime for us