Thursday, 2 August 2018

I write regarding the proposed development at Innocence Farm Kirton.

I write regarding the proposed development at Innocence Farm Kirton. This is an ill thought out proposal and needs to be rejected on the following grounds. 
The Port Of Felixstowe should consider moving its existing roll on / roll off services to Harwich , which has existing capacity. This would free up space to incorporate part of this proposed development. I do not expect there will be much in the way of full time employment, as the majority of modern warehousing are close to full automation. So any possible employment opportunities are likely to be ad hoc on zero hour contracts. The increase of traffic on the A14 and in particular the Seven Hills roundabout will be immense. Never mind the devastating effects on Kirton and it’s residents.
The residents of Trimley have already experienced the huge upheaval of the Port Traffic being diverted through the Trimley villages, through a lengthy drawn out period of roadworks resulting in closures of huge swathes of the A14. What alternative plans are in place to cope with this situation in the future ? Port Centric Warehousing is in part acceptable if it serves close production facilities or even consumer demand driven consumption. This project will not serve either of the above criteria. I am sorry the proposed rail connection is an environmental “ red herring “ spanning the A14 is going to be a huge cost, which will mean the rail connection will not be built. There is now , more than ever previously , spare U.K. Port capacity centred around the UK’s main conurbations, you have capacity at London Gateway , Tilbury and Purfleet too serve London and it’s hinterland. All close to major roads , A13 and M25. Southampton also has spare capacity and again connected to the U.K. motorway network via the M271 and M27. The first phase of Liverpool 2 is now open again with easy access to the M53, M57, M62 and M6 motorways. Hull is up and coming again easy access to the M62. The above is just selected examples , I could easily include Grangemouth , Avonmouth, Port Of Tyne and Teesport. All close to major motorways. In reality the A14 is no longer fit for purpose , the major upgrades , what a surprise are in and around the Cambridge area. With fewer shipping lines than 20 years ago , slot chartering and route loops actually means that goods can be positioned more closely to the major import and export area’s than ever previously. Suffolk is neither of the above. If someone wants to spend shed loads of money a tunnel or a bridge should be built from The Port Of Felixstowe to the Port Of Harwich. This reducing the amount of traffic on the totally inadequate A14. This proposal is neither needed nor wanted. Happy to discuss further. Ken Anderson

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