Wednesday, 22 August 2018


As part of our commitment to investing in our employees and future-proofing the business, we were delighted to launch the Aspiring Managers Programme (AMP) earlier this year.

The newly introduced talent development scheme was designed for employees who have shown a desire and the potential to become an effective people manager. The programme equips employees with the skills and techniques required to succeed in a management role, ensuring they are ready to take the next step in their career when the opportunity arises.
The AMP was led by external training provider and long-term partner of MSC, Eagle Training (who also conduct MSC’s well-established Management Excellence Programme for current managers). Topics covered in the AMP include relationship management, problem-solving and communication. 
Becki Wainwright, Marketing Communications Specialist and participant of the AMP commented: “It has been a huge privilege to have participated in the first AMP and has given me a unique opportunity to gain a real understanding of what it takes to become a people manager – while assessing whether it’s the right path for me. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and have already been able to apply much of what I’ve learnt in my current role.”
Andrew Jones, HR Manager, added: “I am so proud that we are committed to investing in the long-term future of our employees. Taking the ‘step up’ to people management at MSC is a big deal; we have high expectations of our leaders and it’s vital we support employees wanting to make this transition. Our AMP programme has proven to be invaluable as it gives delegates a real taste of what it means to be an effective manager, with two of the cohort having subsequently moved into a management role. For them, it meant when the next step came, they were truly prepared and skilled for the many challenges which lay around the corner.”
Following on from this successful pilot, another AMP course will run in 2019.
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