Monday, 6 August 2018

MSC Ditte swings off the berth as she departs the Port of Felixstowe bound for Rotterdam 01/08/18

When the MSC Ditte arrived to Felixstowe Sunday afternoon, the UK was being battered with the remanence of a hurricane which was bringing wind gusts of up to 45 knots. The safest option was to bring the MSC Ditte starboard side to Felixstowe Berth 9. Four tugs edged her on to the berth. Once the winds eased off, cargo operations commenced. As the days rolled on cargo was taken off reducing her draught. On wednesday morning, the MSC Ditte's agent confirmed a departure time for 13:00. Damen's 2513 tug Innovation was still on trial at Felixstowe so with a Harwich Haven pilot and a local Svitzer skipper onboard, the Innovation was about to be tested with a push indirect around the Beach End turn out of the harbour. The last crane booms up as the Innovation goes under the stern lines to see how she handles. Pilot onboard the MSC Ditte radios tugs to sa he was ready for them. The pilot wanted the Svitzer Kent to make fast centre lead aft and the Innovation to make fast port quarter. The last of the lines were released so the pilot begins to increase the power of both tug to edge her off the berth before increasing them further and using the bow thrusters to start the starboard swing off the berth As the Diite had almost swung the pilot releases the Innovation on the quarter and then gets them to position on the aft tug marker ready for the push indirect. As the pilot runs the main engine ahead, Kent drops in astern to follow the Ditte out of the harbour.
Approaching the Fort Buoy the pilot gets the Innovation to build up to a full power push at a 45° angle on the port quarter to help steer the ship around the 90° Beach End turn out of the harbour. Safely out of the harbour, both tugs were stood down and the MSC Ditte makes their way towards the Sunk Pilot Station passing the sister ship MSC Mirjam which was inbound for the berth Ditte had vacated. The pilot dissembarks at the Sunk to let the captain continue their voyage of Europe before heading through the Med to the Far East.

Published on 5 Aug 2018

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