Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Port of Felixstowe bids farewell to another 1st call ship, the Maersk Horsburgh 17th August 2018

Maersk Horsburgh was the first of 9 ships in the H Class. She entered service in August 2017. The capacity was upgraded from 14,000teu to 15,262TEU which compared to the Emma Maersk, an E Class vessel, she is 43 metres shorter but hold the same capacity making her more economical. Maersk Horsburgh arrive to the Port of Felixstowe from Le Havre with a draught of 11.2 metres. While in port she was loaded with containers bound for the Far East. Cargo complete and a Harwich Haven pilot about to board from the shore side, Svitzer Kent was standing by the ship waiting for instructions from the pilot. Pilot onboard the pilot radios Harwich VTS to say they were ready for the services, 13.7 for Port Said close to the Suez Canal. Svitzer Kent radios the pilot to find out where he wanted them to make fast. The pilot replies that he would like the Kent centre lead aft. The plan was a simple pull of the berth and then held until the pilot was happy with steering safely around the corner. All singled up, the pilot get a the Kent to take the weight on the line. Springs released, Kent builds up to an easy weight while the pilot uses bow and stern thrust to edge away from the berth. Off the berth and about to go ahead on the main engine, Kent drops in astern as the Maersk Horsburgh heads down the harbour. On a Southerly down the harbour the Maersk Horsburgh blows their horn at a yacht or to the locals a 'cloth engined twot' was in the main channel. The pilot radios the Egret to get the yacht out of the way. Rounding the 90° Beach End turn out of the harbour, the pilot gets the Kent to close up to let go from aft. Once the Kent had been released, the Kent went back to the tug pontoon to wait for the next work.

CSCL Globe In New Blue Colour

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