Thursday, 2 August 2018

Two pleasure cruisers are lifted onto the ultra large MSC Ditte at the Port of Felixstowe 31st July

It is a vital service shipping companies, known as Break Bulk. During the financial crisis and the huge over capacity, container ship companies changed the way of life and carried over-sized cargo. From tractors, lorries to propellers and motor boats. Today the MSC Ditte, a 400 metre vessel able to carry 19,437teu, was loading two pleasure cruisers onto the aft section of the ship. Waiting on the quayside, the larger craft on a low loader was positioned precisely underneath a crane ready to be lifted onto the ship. Shore crew carefully threaded 2 heavy duty lift straps underneath the craft and steadily began to take the weight. Slowly lifting upwards and then across over the ship and into hold where she was safe from the unpredictable Seas. The second craft, slightly smaller than the first one was positioned exactly the same as the other one and the lift was quicker as they knew how it would behave in the freshening breeze.

Published on 1 Aug 2018


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