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Widened MSC Geneva Swings for Felixstowe's Trinity Terminal with two Svitzer tugs 14th August 2018

World’s First ‘Widened’ Containership Re-Enters Service – Ship Photos of the Day

MSC Geneva at the HRDD  shipyard in China. Photo: Reederei NSB

MSC Geneva at the HRDD shipyard in China. Photo: Reederei NSB

After successful sea trials, the world’s first widened containership – MSC Geneva – re-entered service this month sailing between China and South America.
The MSC Geneva is the first three ships belonging to the German shipping company Reederei NSB to be cut in half and widened at Huarun Dadong Dockyard in China. The company says that the widening increases TEU capacity of the ships by 30% and improves stability, while operating costs remain the same. Also the IMO Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) achieved will equal that of a new building and meet EEDI regulations as per 2025.
Photo: Reederei NSB
Photo: Reederei NSB

“No one has ever cut a container ship longitudinally from the superstructure to the bow to widen it. We are very proud of our team who widened the MSC GENEVA and thus demonstrated the viability of our concept. The ship will prove that it can keep up with the other carriers that ply the world’s oceans,” Tim Ponath, Chief Operative Officer of REEDEREI NSB, said at Xingchong Hotel in Shanghai at the official project completion celebration following the tour of the ship.
“With this project NSB has solidified its excellent global reputation as a leading ship manager with a vision and pioneering spirit. It has successfully upgraded one of three of its ships through widening, managed to enhance the competitiveness of panmax vessels and improve the overall economic framework,” Jifeng Wu, Managing Director of HRDD shipyard, said in his speech during the festivities.
MSC GENEVA an der Pier der HRDD. MSC GENEVA at the pier of HRDD.
Photo: Reederei NSB

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MSC Geneva Particulars Before and After Widening:
  • Length overall: 275,0 m to 283,0 m
  • Breadth: 32,2 m to 39,76 m
  • Nominal Container Capacity: 4,872 TEU to 6,336 TEU
  • Homogeneous 14t Capacity: 3,109 TEU to 4,900 TEU
  • Reefer plugs: 560 to 1,131
  • Energy Efficiency Transport Index EETI: 59,4 to 44,9
  • Fuel Oil Consumption per container; 27,1 kg/(day*TEU) to 20,1 kg/(day*TEU)

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