Friday, 21 September 2018

Dublin Port: Storm Ali blew down containers

STORM ALI wreaked havoc at Dublin Port yesterday (afternoon) causing shipping containers to be flung from a stack to the ground below.
Shocking footage emerged which shows two shipping containers thrown to the ground from a large group – with one vehicle feeling the full force of the collapse.
One more container looked to be in a precarious position on top of the pile but employees worked to eliminate the danger of any more damage at the port near Ringsend.
Charlie Murphy, Communications Manager for Dublin Port, said: “There was a lot of containers in the area, empty ones and some fell on to the road and hit a car.
“No one was injured.
“They have suspended operations now due to the effects of the storm. All loading and discharges have ceased.

The shocking footage showed containers that had fallen to the ground

Read more on The Irish Sun. Video via this link

Source: The Irish Sun

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