Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Norway- Crane failed and fell into ship

Three people were close to a 30 ton heavy crane boom fell down on a ship in the harbor of Orkanger.
Luckily, nobody was hurt.
- This is a serious and undesirable event. In connection with loading of the ship, the crane failed, and the crane boom fell down and hit the edge of the ship's loading bay. We do not know why the crane failed, says Knut Kusslid, Port Director of Trondheim Harbor.
It was during unloading and loading of the German container ship Concordia on dock 2 this occurred. The unloading started on Wednesday night and continued throughout the night. According to the Port Director, the accident occurred at 06.11 on Wednesday morning. Then the loading of the ship started.
"The crane driver was lowering a container down on the ship, and the container was about two meters above the cargo space when something happened. The crane boom lay all the way down the ship, but the container ended where it should, "says Kusslid.
The container weighs about 30 tons, and the crane boom, which is the lifting arm of the crane, weighs around 30 tonnes.

Good routines
"Such an event has a potential to go very badly. Therefore, those who work at port facilities and boats are well-educated and have good work routines so that no one is injured when something happens. The crew is drilled to place themselfs correctly in case something is going to happen. Here we confirmed that the routines worked, "says Kusslid.
Three of the crewmembers on board the boat participated in the loading.Kusslid were on board the boat and talked to everyone after the incident.
"They were fine and were not particularly affected by the incident," says Kusslid.
He also spoke to the crane driver.
"He was a little upset and touched by what happened. There are big dimensions and great powers, so this has a potential to go much worse than it did here, "said Kusslid.
Police alerted
Both the police and the Labor Inspectorate are routinely notified of the incident, but have so far not been on the spot. Trondheim Harbor Orkanger has now initiated a review of the incident and uses an external company to review Crane.
- Is the accident a human error?
- No, it's not. The crane driver did everything after the book. This is a technical failure, says Kusslid.
He says that Crane is from 1998, but has been regularly approved and certified. For the port it is therefore inexplicable what has happened.
The German ship would actually leave Orkanger on Thursday morning, but the return was delayed as a result of the accident. The vessel was subjected to minor damage, but these will be repaired before the ship leaves Orkanger.
"We've never experienced anything like that before. Now it's important that we find the reason for this so that we can make sure that this does not happen again, "says Kusslid.

Svein Lundeng shared a link to the group: Longshore Safety.

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