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Respect to the Portuguese Stevedores

Portuguese stevedores go the streets of Lisbon for the right to have social respect and for the freedom of trade union membership.

Due to the total absence of responses from employers, the successive sets of mirrors that did not respond to union persecution, extreme precariousness, inequality between the dockers of the different Portuguese ports, nor the ports of Caniçal, Figueira da Foz, Leixões, Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Praia da Vitória, Setúbal and Sines.

They walked together leaving the street of Alecrim and walking arm in arm to the Sao paulo where they met and were made some speeches and slogans and took place an assembly of the marched to Assembly of the Republic house of the Portuguese government.

The persecution of unionized Portuguese stevedores and a barbarity, the result of a business policy that dreams of the return of two centuries in the labor relationship that does not bother with precariousness, respect for the strike law and the social dignity of its service providers.

What the Portuguese dockers want are dignified conditions on the quay, on the wall or on the docks for the port community.

The SEAL Union of Stevedores and Logistics Activity approved in the National Assembly of Stevedores, in Largo de São Paulo, held before the National Manifestation that took place between Cais do Sodré and Assembly of the Republic the extension of the strike to the supplementary work until the 1st of January 2019.

This situation had a strong repercussion in the field of port union action.
First, the stevedore and protagonist of the labor, social and political struggles, that resulted in the conquests expressed in the social respect.
Second, the abrupt attitude of entrepreneurs contributed decisively to the paralysis and disruption that was generated in the region of the event due to its attitude of precarious labor relations. It is clear that port entrepreneurs are an obstacle to the social good that is the result of a profession with a living wage for the port community, because they miss the dark times of Medieval Europe, where they worked for bed and food.

But the new challenges brought about by such changes include the old ones, particularly with regard to the persecution of the stevedore's trade union rights and a progressive neoliberal tendency to eliminate social rights and to make labor relations more flexible. The initiatives are to restrict trade union power, collective bargaining and the right to strike. And for this reason several dockers from other European and American ports are eyeing and attentive in this game of chess.

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Our Representatives took part in Lisbon yesterday (Thursday, 20. 2018) in Lisbon, and demonstrations against the prekarizaciji of port workers in Portugal. The prekarci hang on the hook and wait for the boss's text text to order them a schedule that lot means over 40 x 8 hours a month, or otherwise, over 20 x 16 hours a month. Payment is miserable, about borrowing credit for whatever they don't even think, they have no insurance, they go to work sick, because without work there is no payment (on paid holidays and hospitals can only dream).

This slavery is not an anomaly, it is a rule placed in a capitalist system that treats workers under the system "use and drop". today regular service and decent payment are no guarantee that it will be so tomorrow! Today, you can be a good worker tomorrow, so the worker s' consciousness is so much more important to us to support all the exploited and brezpravne! Only Unified, strong, conscious and international labour solidarity is capable of fighting and winning against the vampire system: Capitalism, suck us k...!

This is also aware of the regular employees in Portuguese ports, so they supported the colleagues, joined forces, and together bravely, decisively and heartily, took the streets to resist oppression, oppression and subduing to create normal working conditions and payments for everyone. The Prekarci are also involved in SEAL-Sindicato dos Estivadores e da Actividade Logística, with whom we are extremely well involved in Sindikat Žerjavistov Pomorskih Dejavnosti Luke Koper. The demonstration was also attended by the brotherly trade unions of the port workers from Spain, Denmark and Belgium, which are consorting with the alliance within IDC International Dockworkers Council.

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