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"A spectacular accident occurred yesterday morning, in the Grand Seaport of Marseille (GPMM), fortunately without a victim.

Once again, my friend from Norway has alerted us about a mobile harbor crane tip over occurring this past Friday at Marseille Port, FR.
The main body of the article below, receives a rough English translation here:
"A spectacular accident occurred yesterday morning, in the Grand Seaport of Marseille (GPMM), fortunately without a victim. During a typical maintenance operation, a port self-propelled crane lost its balance and rolled over; the two GPMM agents inside the driver's cabin having had time to jump to the ground before the machine unscrewed. According to the management of the public establishment, this test was carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the crane manufacturer as well as internal procedures at the port, on a secure surface located at the entrance of the refit ponds."

Ron Signorino

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  • Posted on 01/10/2018 by Vincent Groizeleau
    Impressive accident Friday, September 28 in the port of Marseille, where the mobile crane RN02 has lain down during regulatory tests of load. Luckily, no injuries are to be deplored. The personnel present in the lower cabin of the crane, located at the chassis (another cabin, empty at the time of the facts, is in height) have had the time to jump on the ground before the equipment switches completely.

    Fortunately, these tests require the attachment of loads (often bags filled after lifting with water), which requires a certain distance from the edge of the basin. Otherwise, the crane would probably have plunged into the water.

    The RN02 after the accident (© EMMANUEL BONICI)



    Investigations are under way to find out the reasons for this accident, which could have had dramatic consequences.

    Each year, the cranes undergo regulatory tests that subject them to their maximum lifting load + 25% for one hour in a static position and with a 10% overload in dynamics.

    Lifting tests on a Marseilles crane - archive image (© EMMANUEL BONICI)

    The RN02 is part of a series of cranes built by the Italian Fantuzzi-Reggiane (acquired by Terex in 2009) mainly used for handling around the forms. Each zone of this part of the port (the small forms - the forms 8 and 9 - the form 10) have a crane which although mobile generally remains on zone, to avoid the long and tedious displacements of a site with the 'other.

    Other self-propelled cranes are used for commercial exploitation in Marseille. More powerful than the small Fantuzzi, these Gottwald capable of lifting 100 tons to 21meters, include handling containers.


At 8 October 2018 at 23:04 , Anonymous Gustavo Zamora said...

Hi Felixstowe Docker.
That is an excellent Post.
When a load test is performed with a crane, the load must remain lifted no more than 30 or 40 centimeters from the ground.
In that way, if the crane does not support the weight, when the load touches the ground the crane has not completely lost its stability, yet.
Several crane operators and maintenance personnel have had serious accidents around the world due to not respecting this simple rule during load tests.
Gustavo Zamora


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