Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Astrid Schulte breaks away from Felixstowe Berth 7 bound for Rotterdam 26th October 2018

Typo error. The height of tide is missing: 2.26m, 8cm above prediction

Published on 27 Oct 2018
Over the last year, the Astrid Schulte has been on many trade routes into Europe from the Far East to the America's. At one stage she was on the EPIC1 (Europe Pakistan India Consortium 1 route which mostly left Felixstowe deep draughted towards the Middle East. A confirmed departure time of 10am, one of the Harwich Haven pilot launches with a pilot for Astrid Schulte and one for Mathilde Maersk, goes across to Felixstowe tug pontoon to drop the pilots off. Once the pilot makes his way to the top end of Trinty Terminal and onboard he radios Harwich VTS to say he was onboard, max draught of 11.5 metres for Rotterdam and would like the services. VTS replies that they would arrange it and 2 tugs would be up there shortly.  

Svitzer Shotley a Damen 2411 tug was the first to leave the pontoon with Svitzer Deben a Damen 3212 tug following a few minutes behind. As it was going to be a busy morning and the Mathilde Maersk requiring a 3212 tug, the tug skippers planned that the Shotley would go aft and the Deben would go forward so it would be a quicker release when the Astrid was coming ahead. The pilot starts to single up as the tugs make their way up. Both tugs make fast on the centre leads fore and aft...


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