Saturday, 6 October 2018

Container Ship "MSC ALBANY"- Pilot Boat "PAX" #ZC #RioDeLaPlata /"ARCHANGEL" - "TWO STEPS FROM HELL"

Published on 24 Sep 2018

Container Ship "MSC ALBANY"- Pilot Boat "PAX" #ZonaComún #RioDeLaPlata #Argentina - Maneuvering of Embarking Buenos Aires Harbour Pilots/ Music: "ARCHANGEL" - "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" [NO CHOIR] - [NO VOCALS].- #BoardingStation #LaPlataRoad #ZonaComùn #RioDeLaPlata #RiverPlate #Argentina This video was filmed on board Pilot Boat "PAX" and shows when the Pilot Boat proceeded to the #BoardingStation at #LaPlataRoad #ZonaComùn #RioDeLaPlata #RiverPlate to the Container Ship "MSC ALBANY", to start with the Maneuvering of Embarking Buenos Aires Harbour Pilots. Whole of the video was made with the Theme "ARCHANGEL" - "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" [NO CHOIR] - [NO VOCALS] - 00:01 minutes.

Special thanks to the Master of the Container Ship "MSC ALBANY", his Officers and the rest of the Crew. Special thanks to the Buenos Aires Harbour Pilots, Mr. Jorge GORGOSCHIDSE and Mr. Claudio "Eloy" DIAZ. Special appreciation to the Captain of the Pilot Boat "PAX", Mr. Hugo SÁNCHEZ and his Bosun Mr. Javier BIXIO. Date: 23rd. September 2018.- Since 13:30 till 13:40 hours (Local Time). You can watch this video, on @YouTube Channel Music: "ARCHANGEL" - "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" [NO CHOIR] - [NO VOCALS] - Composed: "Thomas BERGERSEN" and "Nick PHOENIX" - Album: "EXTREME MUSIC" - "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" You can watch on @YouTube Channel CLARIFICATION: It is not the intention of this account, to make money, nor to benefit from this topic or with these musical and/or audio-visual themes. This account respects the intellectual, audiovisual and musical rights of the authors and / or owners of the themes, as well as the musical and audiovisual works of those interpreters. All intellectual, musical and/or audiovisual rights are exclusive to their owners. ACLARACIÓN: No es intención de esta cuenta, hacer dinero, ni beneficiarse con este tema o con estos temas musicales y/o audivisuales. Esta cuenta respeta los derechos intelectuales, audiovisuales y musicales de los autores y/o dueños de los temas, como así tambien el/los trabajos musicales y audiovisuales de aquellos intérpretes. Todos los derechos intelectuales, musicales y/o audiovisuales, son exclusivos de sus propios dueños. This account recomemnds watch the following eight (8) similar videos: 1) PILOTS / PRÁCTICOS/ Pilot Boat "COMETA" #ZonaComún #RioDeLaPlata / "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" - "THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL" - KLAUS BADELT.- Please, watch on @Youtube Channel 2) Lancha de Prácticos "COMETA", acercándose al Buque Tanque "PUNTA MOGOTES" #ZonaComún #RioDeLaPlata #Argentina #Argentine  - 0041 LT - 18 Octubre 2016.- Please, watch on @YouTube Channel 3) On board Pilot Boat "CATAMARÁN ANTARES" - Music: "LAS VOCES DEL MAR" (INTRO) + "EL REINO OLVIDADO" (Instrumental) by "RATA BLANCA".- Please, watch this video on @YouTube Channel 4) Pilot Boat "CATAMARÁN ANTARES"- "SWEET CHILD O' MINE"- Guns'N Roses - 4 Violins Cover - Cathie KING.- Please, watch this video on @YouTube Channel 5) Approaching of the Pilot Boat "CATAMARÁN ANTARES" to the boarding station at Zona Común, on Container Ship "JPO SCORPIUS", to change Pilots - Embarking Rio de la Plata Pilots & Disimbarking Buenos Aires Harbour Pilots - #ZonaComún #RioDeLaPlata - 10th.June.2017. Please, watch this video, on @YouTube Channel 6) Pilot Boat "MAR DULCE" #ZonaComún #RioDeLaPlata #MalTiempo #BadWeather - Gentileza LEANDRO PELAYO - You can watch this video on @YouTube Channel 7) Pilot Boat "SEA PILOT" #BadWeather #BadHydrometeorologicalConditions #JP #Recalada #RioDeLaPlata / Music: "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" - "ARMADA" [NO CHOIR].- Please, watch this video on @YouTube Channel 8) Pilot Boat "SEA LIGHT" #BadWeather #BadHydrometeorologicalConditions #JP #Recalada #RioDeLaPlata / Crude Oil Tanker "CABO VÌRGENES"/ Music: "TWO STEPS FROM HELL" - "STAR SKY" [Instrumental].- Please, watch this video on @Youtube Channel Follow us on Social/ Seguinos en las Redes Sociales: - Subscribe to our @YouTube Channel for more great Videos: - Subscribe to our @YouTube Second Channel "#mateypucho CRL" for more Videos: - Subscribe to our @YouTube Third Channel "#ultrabarqueros SOCIAL" for more Social Videos: - Follow us on Twitter: B@rqueros Ultr@m@r / @UltraBarqueros - Like us on Instagram: @ultrabarqueros - Like us on Facebook: Barqueros Ultramar - Follow us on +Gloole:

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