Monday, 15 October 2018

ITF and IDC needs to support each other!

ITF and IDC needs to support each other!
How do Dockers,Longshoremen,Wharfies appear for other workers' associations when IDC and ITF are in "war" with each other?
Do this strengthen the solidarity?
ITF has a congress now. The IDC has a European assembly.
Use it to inform and win support from other working class unions.
Stronger together.
In solidarity with Dockworkers globaly!

Dockers Hangarounds was started by SUPPORTERS of Dockers worldwide:
«Dockers Hangarounds - people who sympathize and support dockers Internationally.
Admins are supporting working people from different parts of the world»
We fights are for all the Dockers,Longshoremen,Wharfies,Stevedores worldwide,and to inform all Working Class Unions.
The worst thing that can happen is a dispute between unions.
International,national and local unions from the entire working class needs to stand together shoulder to shoulder!
Don't forget to invite your friends from all Unions...

Bob Carnegie responds: As far as I know comrade the sentiment in the IDC has always been for the unity of the working class movement but for true unity to develop we must be able to air our differences in a comradely and human way. Differences happen from time to time and we should work our way through them. I’m proud of the way the IDC operates in its open and non bureaucratic style.

Strawbs - Part of the union 1973


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