Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Murcia Maersk departs Felixstowe's Deep Water Berth 9 with the assistance of 2 tugs 1st October 2018


Published on 1 Oct 2018


With a confirmed departure time of 09:30, a Harwich Haven Pilot boards the ship from the shore side. Cargo operations almost complete, with a maximum draught of 11.7 metres for Rotterdam, two Svitzer tugs leave the tug pontoon to standby the Murcia Maersk. Berthing Master gave the pilot some news about a crane that was broken down with the boom stuck in the down position. The plan was to run the crane off the stern so the Murcia Maersk could still depart. The crane was only one and a half bollards astern of the ship. Svitzer Deben makes fast centre lead aft, meanwhile up the bow the offshore lines were slackened as the Svitzer Shotley makes fast centre lead forward. Both tugs back off once they had made fast. The rest of the lines were dropped with springs released last. The pilot on the bridge wing gets the Deben to build up to a 50% pull. Shotley also builds up to 50% a short while later then builds to 75%. As Murcia breaks off the berth, Deben increases power on the aft. As the tugs were working hard, the pilot starts up to bow thrusters releasing a thick black plume of smoke from both funnels. 

Edging away from the berth into the channel, the pilot increases the Shotley and reduces the Deben to get the bow out ready to come ahead on the engines. The Deben eases up and then drops in astern as the pilot begins to run both engines ahead. After a few minutes, the Shotley comes right ahead and slackens to let go from forward. Once the Shotley was released, they were stood down. The pilot didn't beleive he would require the Deben to help with the 90° Beach End turn out of the harbour as he would use the steerage on the ship. As they started the turn to port, the pilot gets the Deben to close up to let go from aft.

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