Thursday, 1 November 2018

Dimitris Y sails from Felixstowe after a 30 minute delay due to a broken twist lock 31st October 18

The day started off frosty but sunny. Shipping was flowing nicely with early arrivals for Trinity Terminal and then the ferries began to depart Parkeston Quay with Somerset leading the way and Stena Britiannica following behind. A Harwich Haven pilot had boarded the Dimitris Y from the shore side and made his way up to the bridge where the crew were standing by for the departure. Two 3212 Svitzer tugs were by the Dimitris Y for the pilot's instructions, mooring gang was also waiting fore and aft aswell.
There seemed to be a problem on the ship with a container. It had to be re-seated but a twist lock had broke causing a hold up with 3 boxes still to load. The Stevedores tried to free it with no success. The crane driver had an idea to use st spreader as a battering ram and hopefully free it. With a thud, the twist lock snapped it's self but left part in the other container. The lashers went in the cage to retrieve the rest of the lock and the 3 containers were put onboard. Finally ready to depart, 11.3 metres for Rotterdam. The two tugs, Svitzer Kent makes fast centre lead aft and Svitzer Deben makes fast centre lead forward. They both pull Dimitris Y off the berth. As the pilot runs the engine ahead, Svitzer Deben slackens and released from forward. Shortly after the Kent slackens and released. The pilot heads out to the Sunk Pilot Station where he will disembark onto a pilot launch ready for his next job of the day.

Published on 1 Nov 2018


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