Thursday, 15 November 2018

Maersk Gairloch sails from Felixstowe at last light. Two Svitzer tugs assist. 8th November 2018

Maersk Gairloch, alongside Felixstowe's Trinity Terminal 4, finishes cargo operations as the Mary Maersk departs Felixstowe Berth 9. As she required two tugs for departure, Svitzer Deben and Svitzer Shotley were already assisting the Mary Maersk stood down by the pilot once they around the 90° Beach End corner out of the harbour.

Making their way to Trinity 4, the pilot onboard the Maersk Gairloch radios Harwich VTS with the maximum draught which was 13 metres for her next port of Antwerp and required the mooring gang. The pilot requests that the tugs make fast on the centre leads fore and aft. Deben makes aft and Shotley makes fast forward. Both tugs back off as the lines are dropped. The pilot begins with the departure with increasing the power of the tugs before decreasing the Deben to help Shotley swing the bow around into the channel. Once on a southerly heading, the pilot releases the Shotley and then the Deben a few minutes later.

Published on 14 Nov 2018


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