Saturday, 10 November 2018

Old Photo's From The Port Of Felixstowe - Seaplanes

 I have been given access to Lloyd Fentons Port Of Felixstowe collection of photo's by an old colleague / retired docker. Going to post them on Saturdays at 17.30pm. Superb history that belongs in the public domain rather than being locked away in a cupboard.

Full credit to all the past and present Dockers 

Some of those photos of Sunderland Flying Boats shown tonight were taken at RAF Seletar Singapore by Alex 'Titch' Carrie, ex diver at FXT Port and Alexander Tugs, Alex, Lloyd Fenton and myself served together on 205/209 Squadron from 1958-60 this was the last flying boat squadron in the RAF  

P for 'Papa' ML797 was in fact the last 'boat'

John C


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