Friday, 9 November 2018

PPE In The Ukraine

You get one choice of gloves in the Ukraine.
Mittens or nothing.
If you have an allergy then tough luck. They are made by inmates at the local prisons out of sack material. We are so lucky in the uk
The dockers here have to wait at the gate to see how many are needed for each shift and only get paid if required to work.
They then have to rent (bribe) the foreman for the clothing they have to wear.
 My personal opinion is that I like to feel the lashings / twist locks / shackles / hanging stackers etc through my fingers. But in this harsh environment these dockers may prefer these mittens.
The local lads like these as they can pull their hand out of the mittens if they become trapped between cargos.

Many thanks to Dug Gooch for sharing this with me


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