Friday, 30 November 2018

Tornado in the Port of Salermo Witnesses say the huge water column lifted about 20 heavy containers at the edge of the dock and launched them as children's toys.

Authorities said the terrible tornado was first seen at 0300 p.m.

A tornado is a meteorological phenomenon that manifests as a column of air that turns violent and dangerous, being one of the most intense atmospheric phenomena known, the winds reach speeds between 65 and 180 kilometers per hour, measures approximately 75 meters of diameter and it moves by several meters, if not kilometers, before disappearing.
Among the different types of tornadoes are the landspouts, the multiple vortex tornadoes, and the marine thrusts.

 Marine thrushes form on bodies of water connecting to cumulus clouds and larger storm clouds, but are considered tornadoes because they present characteristics similar to these, such as their cone-shaped rotating air stream.
Marine thrushes are generally classified as non-supercellular tornadoes that form on bodies of water.
The Fujita scale is used to measure the intensity of tornadoes, evaluating them for damage.
And the port of Salermo was a victim of this natural phenomenon, thanks to the gods no stevedore was injured ..

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