Monday, 31 December 2018

As we close on calendar year 2018, we look back on a year that claimed the lives of 55 longshore/dock workers at various ports throughout the world.

And those 55 are simply the ones that have been brought to our attention through various personal and media contacts. There are certainly others that have gone unreported. They should not remain anyone's secret.....

Reflecting on those very troubling and very sad accidents, our industry must come to the realization that much more needs to be done in order to bring that number down in a meaningful way. 
One sure way to do so, is for management and labor to jointly renounce the apparent "race to the bottom" that has been consuming their thoughts (and lives) in quest of the holy grail of production nirvana.

Supervisors (from both the labor and management ranks) should know when the margins of safety are being pushed out to unacceptable limits, and should have the sense, experience, responsibility and authority to rein in the operational behavior that puts at risk the safety of individuals and the continued vitality of business pursuits.
Doing otherwise puts us all in jeopardy; from every conceivable perspective.
We hope and pray for a much better 2019, where the lives of our industry's labor and management constituencies are celebrated; not put at risk.

Ron Signorino

to Longshore Safety


An imagining of how port technology will operate in 2038 has highlighted the logistical and legal issues with the common use of AI, automation and other currently emerging technologies.

In ‘2038: A Smart Port Story’, Inform’s Dr Eva Savelsberg and Matthew Wittemeier tell how AI became more accepted as it increased in prominence in the 2020’s and 2030’s, but generated questions of accountability.

“Soon, AI was everywhere and with that came AI 2.0 – AI that dynamically adjusted itself via its code, thus adapting to new situations,” they wrote in the story.

“From this, the question of the times arose: ‘Who is the responsible ‘person’ or ‘organization’ when technology goes wrong?’ Perhaps a better question is ‘what is the legal entity responsible?”

Rapid evolution
The story, based on current emerging trends and technologies, takes place in the aftermath of an autonomous vehicle hitting a person at the Port of Reykjavik and how those in the industry go about dealing with it.

It ponders whether hardware manufacturers, software vendors or self-adjusting code should be “responsible” when code adapts itself.

Readers are told that in 2032, ELAIR, the European Legal Force for AI Responsibility, tried to establish a definition in such a way that a machine could be held accountable, but following this no clear definition was struck.

The story references the conflict between pro-tech professionals and those critical of the changes that automation has forced upon the industry, including the backlash from replacing humans with robots.

Insights into how ports might look are delivered through talk of Reykjavik’s solar-powered drones capable of providing lighting, security, vehicle and container tracking; highly flexible and modular leased equipment as technology development speeds up; hugely capable wireless communication technology; and the concept of an AI system that redesigns a terminal layout every 3-6 months depending on the predicted flow of goods through the facility.

The story also talks about Reykjavik’s cybersecurity team with dedicated hackers to test technology weaknesses and the benefits of being able to “remote-in” to cut emissions, but also how expensive technology widened the divide between rich and poor.

Port Strategy. Insight for marine technology professionals

Port Of Felixstowe Pics By Robin Pridmore

   Photo credits to Robin Pridmore    

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Welcome to DP World in the UK’s final news update of a very busy 2018.

DP World
London International Shipping Week
Welcome to DP World in the UK’s final news update of a very busy 2018.

Scroll down to read more about what has been happening across all of our DP World UK business units.

This edition features DP World’s win at the Global Freight Awards; news of a new Asia-Europe service at London Gateway; and a link to our 2018 Review which includes a handy guide to all of the services calling at both ports.
Best wishes for the new year
DP World in the UK
Linton Nightingale, Lloyds List Containers, joined comedian Romesh Ranganathan to present the GFA award to DP World’s UK Chief Operating Officer, Nick Loader.
wincanton site at london gateway
Following an extensive career within the port industry, including 9 years with DP World, Chris Lewis has announced that he will retire in April next year.

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The new 28-page DP World UK Review is out now. For news, insight and more download your copy from Southampton or London Gateway websites.
wincanton site at london gateway
A 4-page pull out on liner services and port rotations at both Southampton and London Gateway was included in the Review. It is  available to download here.
truck servicing
Flagship Maersk vessel Mc-Kinney Moller, arrived at DP World London Gateway in November to mark the start of the weekly 2M Asia-Europe service.

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Aart Hille Ris Lambers has been appointed UK Commercial Director with
responsibility for developing our UK business offering.
truck servicing
Construction work for CMA CGM’s new multi-temperature warehouse at DP World London Gateway has started. Operations are expected to start in Summer 2019.
truck servicing
SH Pratt Group has opened a bespoke facility at London Gateway in a bid to reduce food miles and increase freshness in perishable and chilled supply chains. 
CMA Blue Whale at DP World Southampton
The Halo warehouse at London Gateway has become the latest development at the site to receive the Planet Mark™ accreditation for sustainability.

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truck servicing

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