Sunday, 30 December 2018

32 more remote control cranes

The remote control room at Hutchison Ports Thailand

Hutchison Port’s is expanding its use of remote controlled cranes at Karachi, Pakistan.

Hutchison Port’s continues to embrace remote controlled cranes at a rapid pace.

In 2017 Hutchison announced that by the end of 2018 it planned to operate 36 remote controlled STS cranes at its terminals around the world, and the terminal operator is not stopping there. It has just ordered eight remote controlled STS cranes and 24 automated and remote controlled RMGs (or ASCs) for its Karachi terminal, according to several Pakistan news agencies. All the cranes will be supplied by ZPMC. It is not known at this stage whether ZPMC is doing the crane automation as well.

As previously reported, Hutchison Ports Pakistan notched a milestone earlier this year when it licensed the country’s first female management engineering trainees to operate remote controlled STS cranes. When the eight new STS cranes arrive Hutchison Ports Pakistan will have its full compliment of 16 STS cranes on 1,500m of quay. The capacity of the terminal is planned to be 3.1M TEU per annum.

This latest order follows Hutchison Ports implementing remote control cranes in Thailand, and ordering remote STS and RTGs for its terminal in Sohar this year.


  1. Some things can't just be handled from the distance and this is a major one of them.
    I've been working on ships with these kind of cranes for the last 16 years and can't imagine how on earth these guys will be able to solve just a mere 1% of the problems we daily face at work handling 60 tons in and out of the ships from a remote post.
    The guys pushing this projects forward must be either blind, or too naive, or just have the necessity to burn silly amounts of money for no reason.

  2. Perfectly put JJ Mor