Monday, 31 December 2018

As we close on calendar year 2018, we look back on a year that claimed the lives of 55 longshore/dock workers at various ports throughout the world.

And those 55 are simply the ones that have been brought to our attention through various personal and media contacts. There are certainly others that have gone unreported. They should not remain anyone's secret.....

Reflecting on those very troubling and very sad accidents, our industry must come to the realization that much more needs to be done in order to bring that number down in a meaningful way. 
One sure way to do so, is for management and labor to jointly renounce the apparent "race to the bottom" that has been consuming their thoughts (and lives) in quest of the holy grail of production nirvana.

Supervisors (from both the labor and management ranks) should know when the margins of safety are being pushed out to unacceptable limits, and should have the sense, experience, responsibility and authority to rein in the operational behavior that puts at risk the safety of individuals and the continued vitality of business pursuits.
Doing otherwise puts us all in jeopardy; from every conceivable perspective.
We hope and pray for a much better 2019, where the lives of our industry's labor and management constituencies are celebrated; not put at risk.

Ron Signorino

to Longshore Safety

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