Monday, 24 December 2018

Felixstowe Pics By Hagar Babbington

Please Help Dock Worker Hagar Babbington

Hagar Support Fund

Hagar Babbington was hit from the side on his motorbike in Felixstowe. He was only riding slow between two roundabouts but the crash has caused his left leg to be badly injured and now resulting in the loss of his foot. 
East Anglian Bikers want to help Hagar get through these next few weeks until he ‘gets back on his feet ‘. 
Please help if you can and support him. We all appreciate any help possible and thank you for reading this and supporting our friend in his hour of need. 

Hagar relocated to Felixstowe to seek employment at The Port Of Felixstowe around three years ago. He very quickly eased himself into the Felixstowe social scene and Dock life. Now this tragedy has turned his life upside down.
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Created January 19, 2018
  Newmarket, East Of England, United Kingdom

Hagar Update. Hagar has asked me to thank each and every person that has sent messages, asked about him and passed on good wishes. He and myself would like to send a massive special thank you to everyone that has donated money to help him through this awful time. I know we have posted photos of him with a big smile and pretending everything is OK but I promise this is an emotional roller coaster. Hagar is dealing with an awful situation as best he can. I have been choked up a few times, especially when I saw the leg today but he has been given strength by you all and has been absolutely blown away with everyone’s kindness. Hagar has asked me to express how grateful he is as he isn’t able to keep up with everything at the moment. Sadly he has to have yet another operation on Monday. His stay in hospital is going to be far longer than expected so all those people that donated to the PayPal account have given me chance to go and get everything we need now. I have a shopping list for tomorrow and £250 to cover all immediate expenses. Everything will be accounted for and totally transparent. Thank you. Those of you that contributed to the GoFundMe account. Thank you all too. We have had to raise the target as we hit the target of £1000 in less than 24 hours. Everyone’s kindness and generosity is so moving and we appreciate every one of you. This will give Hagar security with his living expenses until he gets things sorted out and be one less worry for now. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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