Sunday, 2 December 2018

I'd not heard of this death; is it common in Ireland for seafarers to do the lashing?? 'anybody know further details?

Our Dockers in Southampton boarded the M/V Francop to pay respect to Dennis Gomaz Regana, the seafarer who died in Dublin while lashing, together with his colleagues.

Bart Tecum May not happen again. Unacceptable. Imagine the grieve of his family, his colleagues and all people involved. Rules need to be followed. Shipping companies must take their responsability and have their crew working in a safe environment.

JJ Mor Indeed, Bart. Health and Safety is the main and foremost issue now more than ever. Must NOT happen ever again.. Lashing is a specialised docker task!

Bart Tecum To many people it is a incident that passes on fb without judging them. But if you know by experience what the consequences much grieve

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