Wednesday, 26 December 2018

MSC to strengthen East-West network in 2019

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announces a revised ocean network to better serve shippers moving cargo between Asia and Europe.
“We can only assume that container terminal congestion at the main ports of the trade will continue to worsen, leading us to anticipate and incorporate longer time buffers in the schedule, in terms of port stays and speed at sea”, MSC said in its press release.
MSC is therefore heavily investing in the East-West network to deliver a first-class product and ensure that it matches, or even exceeds, its customers’ expectations. Providing them with the reliability they need to plan and maintain their supply chains is MSC’s most important objective.
Specifically, the shipping company will phase in additional vessels to existing loops on the trade. Deploying these extra assets on its services underscores its commitment to operating a stable and ever-improving network within the existing constraints facing all carriers, such as congestion, bad weather and other unexpected disruptions.
“At MSC, we have the maritime expertise and assets to offer a world-beating service and we trust that you will recognize the benefits of our new approach and investments in the months and years to come”, the company said.
The implementation of the new network is planned for early March 2019 and remains subject to further updates.

Source: MSC

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