Tuesday, 15 January 2019

MSC starts clean up of Dutch waters after container spill (Reuters)

“The clean up will likely take months”, Dutch water authorities spokesman Edwin de Feijter said on Saturday (Jan. 12). “The largest part of the debris has been located, but there are still parts missing.”

291 containers, some holding hazardous chemicals, fell off one of the world’s largest container ships, the MSC Zoe, on Jan. 2 in German waters near the island of Borkum during a North Sea storm.

Two salvage ships left the harbor at IJmuiden, near Amsterdam, on Friday night, heading towards a container north of the tiny Rottumerplaat island, which is blocking an important shipping route between Germany and the Netherlands
Work was planned to start at midday on Saturday, but rough weather looked set to delay the operation, De Feijter said, adding that 238 objects had been identified in the water so far.

“Those objects are not all entire containers, they can also be part of the cargo lost from broken ones.”
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Source: Reuters

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