Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Solidarity Fund continues until no one is left behind!

Posting on behalf of António Mariano & Dockers Hangarounds

SEAL has secured an important Agreement for the dockworkers in the port of Setúbal, which allows to begin to restrict the precariousness on this port, but the Agreement reached still does not allows a decent life for all the 150 precarious workers involved in this struggle action.

As we have always stated, #SEAL does not leave anyone behind, so the Solidarity Fund will continue to try to soften the difficulties of those who have not yet obtained a no term contract and who are still subject to daily/shift contracts.

After 20 years operating in this port with 90% of the workers without any decent contract – 10 precarious dockers for each permanent – hired and fired every shift, often twice a day, we managed through the signed Agreement that more 56 workers get a permanent contract, with the perspective that, in the short term, another 10 to 37 dockers will be hired under the same conditions, guaranteeing, meanwhile, the future hiring priority for the remaining ones.

We are optimistic about the future achievement of more permanent contracts, but we know that this path will take its time, which may not be brief enough for some dockworkers and their families could not face some financial difficulties.
Until the Portuguese government forces companies to solve the problem of labour stability for all, the dockworkers in Setúbal will continue to fight, whether at trade union level, or at all kinds of support level, namely financial, with the continuity of this Solidarity Fund now directed to the residual group of dockworkers still held as precariousness hostages.

We therefore maintain the appeal to all dockworkers and their class organizations around the world, to trade unions, social and political movements, as well as to all individuals who want to fight against precariousness, to keep on contributing to this Solidarity Fund campaign so these dockworkers may continue their struggle to eradicate precariousness, which is also a struggle for all of us.

We say No to precariousness in the port of Setúbal as in any other Portuguese port. No to precariousness for dockworkers or to anyone else. All for all! No one is left behind!

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